A Look into Online Gambling Regulation

Most people who gamble on the internet do not consider how casino regulation occurs. Up until a couple of years ago, gambling was mainly confined to particular societal groups. Nonetheless, the invention of online casinos opened gambling to a broad customer base and transformed gambling into a multi-billion dollar industry. As you can see, online gambling is pretty young, and its rapid rise in popularity was unpredicted. Due to this, lawmakers didn't have the time to enact these regulations. Previously, the industry depended on outdated and irrelevant regulations. Overall, there has been improvement in gambling regulations in most countries. While there is still a long way to go before we say the industry is well-regulated, it is noticeable that the gambling world is headed in the right direction.

How is Gambling Regulation in the UK?

In several ways, the UK is a gambler's paradise. Betting is legal, and wagering is incorporated into the country's culture. You can rely on top-rated gambling regulatory bodies, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to ensure you are safe when betting in UK-based casinos. As crucial as this body is, it only forms a single piece that protects your gambling. Whether you are gambling in an online or live casino, you can depend on this body for your security. The commission came into existence on September 1, 2007, following the Gambling Act 2005. According to this commission, here are some of the things that you can expect the commission to protect you against if you run into any problem:

  1. Prevent kids and vulnerable players from wagering
  2. Provide verifiable and open games
  3. Keep out all types of criminal activities

When you gamble in a regulated casino, you are sure the games are fair and will receive your winnings. The UKGC performs regular reviews, reviews financial information, offers advice to licenses, and takes necessary action if there are problems. Another thing is that this commission will necessitate all license holders to show how they secure customer funds should the operator become bankrupt. As a player, this regulatory body is beneficial because it guides you on matters concerning customer rights, gambling security, and other vital topics. Should you have an issue with a given operator, you can count on this commission for guidelines regarding filing a complaint in a court of law. All gambling operators need to have authorized dispute bodies to manage unsettled player complaints.

Gambling Regulation in India and New Zealand

According to the gambling laws in India, no unified law exists regarding any gambling activities because it's contained in the State List of the seventh schedule of the Constitution. Thus, gambling is a state subject meaning the state holds the right to govern the law for online gambling in the respective region. As of now, the Gambling Act is the main enactment adopted by specific states in India to regulate gambling. For instance, all states except Daman, Goa, and Sikkim, prohibit casino gaming. As per the Public Gaming Act 1867, only chance-based games are seen as gambling. In India, there is always a doubt about the games covered by the gambling act because the law is relatively uncertain. Some notable, unclear laws include:

  • It is illegal to gamble on games
  • Visiting and working in casinos is illegal
  • Betting on a game of chance and not skill is illegal except for horse racing

Before registering at an online casino in New Zealand, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the country's gambling laws. Based on the Gambling Act of 2003, New Zealand bans all types of gambling unless one gets the go-ahead from the government. All in all, this law does not say anything regarding overseas gambling websites. Merely put, if you are residing in New Zealand, you can technically register in other country's casinos and place bets. At the time of writing this review, there are a couple of reliable online gambling websites regulated and licensed by the New Zealand Gambling Commission. However, if you want the best experience, you need to join overseas online casinos. According to the country's gambling laws, you need to be at least 18 years to gamble.